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10 Great ScreenCloud Alternatives for Affordable Digital Signs

With ScreenCloud, you can set up digital signage on any smart TV.

But ScreenCloud does lock you into a monthly cost of between $20 to $40 per screen, which can really add up.

Businesses of all sizes might be looking for ways to save on digital signage software. Fortunately, there are tons of options.

In this ultimate guide to ScreenCloud alternatives, we present a list of additional tools to consider. Plus, we help you determine what to look for in a solution so you can be sure to choose the right one.

Why look for a ScreenCloud alternative?

ScreenCloud doesn't offer any lifetime subscription plans, meaning you can't pay a one-time fee. You'll have to continue paying for screen cloud on a monthly or yearly basis (a minimum of $200 per screen per year). For businesses, schools, churches, and other organizations with basic digital signage needs, this is unnecessarily expensive.

On the other hand, screen cloud doesn't offer office management, interactive kiosks, or employee communications. Corporate entities might prefer to purchase a more robust platform that offers digital signage alongside other office-critical features like these.

Top features to hunt for in a ScreenCloud alternative

  • Browser-based - We recommend choosing browser-based digital signage because it allows you to turn any smart TV into a digital sign without purchasing or using additional hardware or cables. However, if you need offline play or have corporate cyber security protocols that prioritize on premise solutions, you will want to look for a platform that also provides their own hardware.
  • Reasonable pricing - At $20 to $40 per screen depending on the plan, ScreenCloud's pricing in the middle of the pack. But there are certainly screen cloud competitors who offer lower pricing. So don't settle for high annual fees if you're looking for a simple solution and don't need complex features.
  • Design templates or integration - When it comes to creating a digital sign, the software should be the easy part. The most time-consuming aspect is creating the content. So make sure that the platform you choose offers built-in design templates or an integration with a graphic design platform like Canva for pulling in your slides.
  • Signage widgets - You may also want to showcase live widgets alongside your content. For example weather, news, and rss widgets. You can even showcase your social media feed to include user-generated content, live event images, and behind the scenes photos.

Top 10 ScreenCloud alternatives to consider

Let's take a look at the most popular ScreenCloud competitors. Some of these are simpler and more affordable, while others cover additional use cases outside of digital signage (but at a higher price).

1. Juuno

Similar to ScreenCloud, Juuno makes it easy to convert any smart tv into a digital sign. As a browser-based solution, no hardware is required. You can deploy your digital sign from the web browser of your smart tv. This does mean that you'll need Wi-Fi access for the digital sign to work, but for the vast majority of businesses and organizations this is a non-issue.

Offers an integration with Canva, the most popular online graphic design platform. You can create digital signs using thousands of different Canva templates across all use cases and industries. Juno also offers a variety of widgets including weather, news, and social media feeds if you want to showcase your best content alongside announcements or menus.

With content playlists and schedules, you can automatically play different types of content throughout the day.


Currently, Juuno is available for a one-time payment of $19 per screen. Yep, you can pay for it once and use or continuously updated app forever. Monthly enterprise plans with advanced features are also available.

2. OptiSigns

OptiSigns is an easy-to-use digital signage platform that offers lots of different integrations for social media, RSS, and other informative content. The platform also has a built-in design editor with templates.

You have the option to convert touchscreen devices into interactive kiosks on the highest-cost plan.

Enterprises will enjoy the advanced security features like proof of play and uptime monitoring and alerts.


OptiSigns is a ScreenCloud alternative that offers more competitive pricing. You'll pay between $10 and $30 per screen per month depending on the features you need. For the lowest cost plan, that represents a 50% savings compared to ScreenCloud.

3. NoviSign

NoviSigns offers digital signage and interactive kiosks. The platform works on a variety of smart TV brands without the need for additional hardware.

With a digital signage content manager and playlist schedules, you can store and reuse your sign content.


NoviSign has three subscription rates ranging from $18 to $44 per screen per month, depending on your need for the number of users and the amount of storage. There is also higher-tier enterprise pricing.

4. YoDeck

With YoDeck, you can create digital signage playlists and schedule them to your heart's content. The platform is very similar to other screen cloud competitors on our list, but it also offers stock photos and videos to help you fill your content schedule.

And if you're looking to create an interactive kiosk, YoDeck is the most affordable way to do so. But if you're looking for a way to turn your smart tv into a digital sign, Juuno is still the more affordable option.


As one of the more affordable screen cloud alternatives, your deck is available for $7.99 to $12.99 per screen per month. 

5. DigitalMenu.TV

With DigitalMenu.TV, you get a digital signage platform designed for restaurants. There are tons of menu templates to choose from, and the company can also help you create a menu from scratch.

Keep in mind that the design style is a bit more traditional, so if you're looking for a more modern or rustic menu style, you might be better off using a digital signage software that offers more updated templates, or one that integrates with Canva


Pricing isn't available online, so check in with their sales team.

6. DoPublicity

If you need offline play (the ability to display menus without internet access), DoPublicity offers the most affordable way to get it.

You get the software and hardware you need at a reasonable annual price. The platform also comes with 2500 design templates to make it easy to create signs and menus.

But if you don't need offline play, you can save money by choosing one of the other ScreenCloud alternatives on our list.


Do publicity offers all included pricing. You'll pay $299 for access to the media player, hardware, and one year of service and support.

7. SkyKit

Are you looking for a ScreenCloud alternative that offers more than just digital signage? With SkyKit, you get digital signage, interactive kiosks, office space management, visitor check-ins, device management, desk booking, space booking, and more all in one place.

If you're interested in optimizing your front desk operations, this might be the solution for you.


You'll pay between $16 and $44 per screen per month, while they're media hardware is included for free. Do use the content collections feature, you'll need the highest tier plan. Kiosks, check-ins, and bookings are available at additional costs, so get in touch for a custom plan based on what you want to manage.

8. SnapComms

Snapcomms is similar to SkyKit in incorporating digital signage into a more comprehensive platform. But while SkyKit focuses on helping you manage all aspects of your office, SnapComms is focused on centralizing all forms of employee communication in one place.

You get digital signs, employee apps, push notifications, desktop alerts, desktop wallpapers, employee surveys, SMS, and other features to communicate with employees and guide them in case of emergency.


SnapComms pricing is charged per employee per year, with costs ranging from $2 to $40 per employee per year based on your needs and workforce size. The more employees you have, the more you'll save with their bulk pricing.

9. truDigital

truDigital offers custom design services, making it a great screen cloud alternative if you don't want to have to manage content creation yourself.

The platform also offers their own media player, so you can ensure offline playback if Wi-Fi reliability is an issue.

If those two things aren't important, then you can choose a lower cost option on our list.


truDigital's pricing begins at $29 per screen per month, with higher-cost plans available for enterprise use cases.

10. Look

Look is an enterprise-grade digital signage solution designed for on-premise use. They offer a built-in graphic design editor, offline playback, app integrations, uptime monitoring, and alerts.


Look doesn't publish their pricing online, so get in touch for a custom enterprise plan.

The right digital signage platform for you comes down to your requirements for offline play, advanced monitoring or uptime alerts, design, and pricing.

Looking for the simplest most affordable digital signage app around? Check out Juuno.

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