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Top 20 Digital Signage Software (& Which Is Right for You)

Looking for digital signage software? We’ve rounded up the best and most popular tools. 

Just like it sounds, digital signage refers to displaying a digital (instead of a physical) sign. 

Here are some examples of digital signage:

  • A digital menu at a cafe or restaurant. 
  • Locations of breakout rooms or sessions displayed on a TV during a conference.
  • Pictures of new employees, company announcements, and kudos are displayed on a TV in a corporate lunch room. 

The software platforms listed below can all help you set up your own digital signage

We include a list of their top features and details on their pricing plans for each platform. Keep reading to find the perfect tool for your needs. 

1. Juuno

Juuno is an affordable, easy-to-use digital signage software that allows businesses of any type to set up their displays in three simple steps. First, you make a playlist of the type of content you want to display. For example, your Twitter feed, pictures of new staff, and company notices. Second, you set up your schedule for every day of the week to determine what should play when. Thirdly, you curate the content coming in from your various feeds (for example, delete tweets you don’t want to show up). 

Creating digital signage with Juuno is sort of like organizing a playlist. The platform is very easy to learn and understand, while others on our list tend to be unnecessarily complicated. 

Top features:

  • Works on any TV, PC, or table (with a web browser)
  • Playlist-inspired process 
  • Digital signage daily schedules (for keeping content fresh)
  • Ability to pull in content from social media accounts
  • Add images, videos, Canva designs, and more
  • Live feeds with real-time content 
  • Social media integrations


Juuno costs $20 per screen per month. 

2. DigitalMenu.TV

With DigitalMenu.TV, you can display your menu on mounted TVs. The software is a fit for restaurants, cafes, pubs, and more. If you run a chain, you can manage all of your digital menus from one place. It’s easy to update the menus if you have holiday items, special promotions, or other changes. The company recommends that you use TVs with LCD or LED screens.

Top features:

  • Menu design studio
  • Menu templates and customization
  • Automated scheduling (to set menu changes ahead of time)
  • Custom plugins for adding other elements alongside your menu, such as the weather or an RSS feed
  • Can work for mounted TVs or kiosks (ordering isn’t available but you can display your menu on a kiosk)


DigitalMenu.TV doesn’t display their pricing online, so you’ll need to check with their sales team. 

3. Scala

With Scala, you can manage your digital signage from the cloud. The software offers several important features, such as the content manager, design studio, and media player. The company also offers hardware relating to digital signage, including various media players that allow for secure and fast media performance. However, most organizations will prefer not to have to purchase media player software and would rather use software that works on a TV with no additional hardware required. 

Top features:

  • Digital signage templates
  • Designer studio
  • Content manager
  • Content playlist creator
  • Live feeds with real-time content


Scala doesn’t publish their pricing online, so you’ll need to get in touch with sales to find out the costs of the software and hardware. 

4. DoPublicity

DoPublicity is a digital signage software that works great for digital menus. They offer templates to make it easy to create your own menu. The platform can also be used for announcements by hospitality companies, universities, and corporations. The company encourages its users to take advertisement placements in order to earn extra money from their digital signage and can hook up any digital sign to its advertiser network. That makes this a fit for storefronts and organizations with a lot of consumer foot traffic. 

Top features:

  • Digital signage templates
  • Digital signage advertising placements and advertiser network
  • Media player


DoPublicity can be purchased for a one-time fee of $299, however, the template style is outdated, making it fit for smaller businesses that prioritize a one-time fee over everything else.

5. SkyKit

SkyKit offers a few different products in one. You can use it for digital signage as well as social media feeds, corporate device management, employee clock-ins, visitor management, and meeting room and desk management. So, this makes the platform more of a front desk operations software that also includes digital signage features. If you don’t need all of these features in one place, then it will be overpriced for your needs. 

The company also sells media playing hardware that goes with the digital signage software, but to save money, you’re better off going with a digital signage platform that doesn’t require special hardware (like Juuno). 

Top features:

  • Digital signage for static displays or dashboards
  • Meeting room bookings
  • Desk bookings
  • Device management


SkyKit doesn’t publish their pricing publicly, so contact sales for a demo and a custom quote.

6. truDigital

truDigital is a digital signage tool that can work for a variety of industries. It can be used for announcements, dashboards, social media feeds, and other types of content. The company also offers design services in case you need help creating the right template. Unfortunately, you do have to purchase their hardware in order for it to work properly. 

Top features:

  • Works on any smart TV
  • Design services are available as an add-on
  • Directly integrates with various apps


Get in touch with their sales team to get a custom quote for the right software subscription and hardware. 

7. Rise Vision

Rise Vision is a digital signage software designed for K-12 schools and universities. The platform offers templates designed for schools that include the weather and important announcements. You can pull in content from an RSS feed to make sure the announcements are up to date. The pricing is also designed for schools because one subscription gives you unlimited use in different classrooms and offices. In the classroom, digital signage can be used for class-specific announcements and reminders. 

Top features:

  • Design templates
  • Weather plugin
  • RSS feeds
  • Plays Google or Powerpoint slides


Rise Vision costs $999 per school per year (with unlimited use within the school).

8. Spectrio

Spectrio is a platform for digital signage, automated on-hold answering service, interactive kiosks, overhead music, guest wifi network marketing, and scent marketing (actually dispersing scents in a physical location). The digital signage product costs more than most of the other platforms on our list, but if you want to manage multiple things in one place, this could be a good fit for you. Because of all of the different products offered, Spectrio would be a good fit for physical stores, airports, and train stations. 

Top features:

  • Plays slides, videos, and more
  • Content management
  • Manage multiple TV displays
  • Social media integrations


For the digital signage product only, Spectrio costs $99 per month for the first screen. Each screen after that costs $30 per month. If you want to cover a lot of screens, get in touch with them for discounted pricing. 

9. Look

With Look, you can manage multiple screens from one platform. To use Look, you can install their app on your smart device or purchase their hardware. Their app is available for Android, Windows, iOS, and Linux. You can create groups of screens to more easily manage different use cases (such as employee-centric versus customer-centric announcements).

Top features:

  • Can be used on smart TVs, PCs, or tablets
  • Content manager
  • Manage content for multiple screens or groups of screens
  • Layout designer
  • Offline playback


Look costs $15 per screen per month and includes 5 GB max storage. If you’d rather use their on-premise solution instead of the cloud-based option, contact them for special pricing.

10. QuickESign

With QuickESign, you can display images, videos, slide shows, Canva creations, your Twitter feed, the weather, and many more content types. You can use QuickESign with a TV that has an HDMI port or with a streaming device such as Roku, FireTV, or Android TV. QuickESign can be used for any kind of digital signage, whether for a corporate office, a doctor’s office, or a restaurant. There are various templates you can use to make it easy to get started. 

Top features:

  • Slide shows
  • Weather widgets
  • Digital and analog clocks
  • Social media integrations
  • Video and audio files
  • Canva widget
  • Design tools

Pricing: The Pro plan costs $15 per screen per month, and the Enterprise plan costs $20 per screen per month. 

11. SnapComms

SnapComms offers digital signage software alongside its robust platform for communicating with employees. All in all, the employee communication channels available are desktop alert, video alert, RSS ticker, screensaver, quiz, survey, RSVP alert, registration alert, wallpaper, lock screen, newsletter, emergency alerts, panic button, and an employee app with an up-to-date newsfeed. 

SnapComms can work well for emergency response management as well as non-urgent updates and communications. Because it offers an employee app, it can be a good fit for organizations with lots of frontline or remote employees. 

Top features:

  • Content manager
  • Display on digital signage and employee app
  • Employee segmenting and targeting
  • Pre-schedule content
  • Reporting


As an employee communication platform, SnapComms is charged per employee. It costs $9 per employee per year (billed annually) for the Inform plan and $14 per employee per year for the Engage plan, which includes all available communication channels. 

12. Raydiant

Raydiant is a digital signage platform that’s designed for enterprises with a lot of brick-and-mortar locations to manage. Example industries include retailers, banks, car dealerships, casinos, schools, universities, gyms, and spas. Restaurants can also use Raydiant for self-ordering kiosks that synch with their POS or commerce platform. Businesses of any type can use Raydiant’s employee engagement software to manage leaderboards and contests and then display the winners via the digital signage solution. 

Top features:

  • Library of content templates
  • Different user roles and permissions
  • Personalized experiences, by location
  • Integrates with various third-party tools for content


Raydiant costs $59 per month for unlimited screens. Or, you can book a demo and inquire about their enterprise pricing if you want their advanced features including enterprise authentication, multi-user management, video conferencing, and interactive kiosk management. 

13. OptiSigns

OptiSigns offers many different templates along with its digital signage solution, including 10 templates for Covid safety guidelines, 64 templates for digital menus, and over 40 templates for holidays and special events. The company recommends that you use an Amazon Fire TV or a add an Amazon Fire Stick to any smart TV. You can also purchase OptiSigns Android devices to manage digital signage across multiple locations. OptiSigns also offers a web player so that your content can be played from any web browser.

Top features:

  • Works on smart TVs, desktops, and tablets
  • Template library
  • Data mapping
  • Offline play
  • Images, slides, and videos
  • Upload custom fonts


The Pro Plus plan costs $15 per screen per month and includes most of the features you need. You can contact sales about their Enterprise plan, which also includes dedicated support and custom integrations. 

14. Yodeck

With Yodeck, you can manage different types of digital signage, such as menus, corporate announcements and corporate success dashboards, as well as medical clinic appointments and room availability. You can display document files, web pages, and widgets. There are also screen layout templates to save you time on design. The product allows you to remotely turn off screens, schedule content in advance, and manage multiple screens from one account. 

Top features:

  • Screen layout templates
  • Employee happy birthday messages
  • Business analytics integrations with Power BI and Tableau
  • Integration with DSMenu for displaying menus


The enterprise plan costs $12.99 per screen per month and includes all available features. 

15. ScreenCloud

ScreenCloud offers some useful features for digital signage, including app integrations, business dashboards, and design tools. The product has two main use cases: employee workplace screens (for announcements and engagement) and commercial customer screens (for check-ins, menus, promotions, etc.). Some of the best app integrations include social media platforms, a weather widget, Google Slides, and RSS feeds. 

Top features:

  • Manage multiple screens from one place
  • Social media integrations
  • Weather widget
  • Business analytics dashboards
  • Broadcast videos to your screens


For the Core plan, you’ll pay $20 per screen per month, and for the Pro plan, you’ll pay $30 per screen per month. Or, you can get in touch with sales for custom pricing on an enterprise plan, which will include a dedicated customer success manager and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities. 

16. Userful

Userful is an enterprise platform offering several different capabilities, including digital signage, streaming, data dashboard distribution, video walls for corporate meetings, and more. The platform offers some advanced security and enterprise management features, including on-premise deployments and cloud deployments, an API, a supervisor dashboard, a preset switcher, automated failover options, enterprise-level security, role based access control, and picture-in-picture capabilities. 

The platform will certainly be too complex for most businesses’ needs, but if you’re looking for a robust enterprise solution, this might be a good fit for you. 

Top features:

  • Unlimited sources
  • Manage multiple screens
  • Uptime monitoring tools and diagnostic alerts
  • Browser-based interface
  • Drag and drop designing
  • Pre-scheduled content
  • Interactive viewer (control keyboard and mouse during sessions)


As with many enterprise-only platforms, Userful doesn’t publish their pricing online, so be sure to get in touch with sales. 

17. NoviSign

NoviSign is an enterprise-grade digital signage solution that can be used for menu boards in restaurants, real-time information in health clinics, and employee communication and engagement in the workplace. With the Signage Studio, you can drag and drop various widgets to create your perfect layout, including slideshows, webpages, interactive polls, and social media feeds. There is also a live weather widget, a world clock, custom text stickers, and RSS feeds.

The platform’s interactive kiosks aren’t a fit for ordering or commerce, but they can be used for general information and wayfinding (in universities, senior communities, or cultural heritage sites, for example).

Top features:

  • Social media integrations
  • Weather and clock widgets
  • Drag and drop designer
  • Data dashboards
  • Media player
  • Interactive touchscreen kiosks for wayfinding and information


You’ll pay $20 per screen per month for the Business plan, but if you want to be able to whitelabel the service, make sure to upgrade to the Business Plus plan which costs $29 per screen per month. The Premium plan, for $49 per screen per month, offers whitelabelling as well custom fonts, reports and monitoring, and unlimited users. 

18. OnSign TV

OnSign TV is a pretty robust platform designed for professional signage operators, not small business owners or office managers looking for a simple solution. The platform offers native player compatibility with all major operating systems and web browsers. It also includes multilanguage management, animated content transitions, unlimited screen layouts, drag and drop designing, and a template library. There is support for custom fonts and the content management system includes tags and categories to make it easy to find and re-use content. 

The company also offers custom services, including app integrations, layout designing, training, and consulting. 

Top features:

  • Content management system
  • Multilanguage functionality
  • Works on smart TVs and web browsers
  • Layout designer
  • Templates


The Professional plan costs $19.99 per month per screen and the Enterprise plan costs $29.99 per month per screen. There is discount pricing available for 25 screens or more. 

19. Viewneo

Viewneo offers some useful features, including a template library and several different plugins, including Instagram and YouTube. The company specializes in digital signage solutions for restaurants and physical retailers. Companies looking for a simpler digital signage platform might be better off with another option on this list. 

Viewneo also offers their own hardware, including a tabletop e-paper display to allow restaurants to showcase small menus at every table. They also offer a media player and Viewneo PWS pegs, which allow retailers to create smart stores that automatically play content about the product or its materials whenever a customer takes something off the clothing hook. 

Top features:

  • Analytics and reporting
  • Social media plugins
  • Touchscreen interaction
  • Template library
  • Zapier integration
  • Live view (for live broadcasting)
  • Screen synchronization


Viewneo costs $21 per screen per month for the simplest plan, which offers access to their templates. The Enterprise plan costs $280 per month flat rate and then $17 per month per screen and offers advanced user and content management, as well as the ability to use the smart clothing hooks and other Viewneo hardware. 

20. TelemetryTV

TelemetryTV is an enterprise-ready platform for digital signage. It offers some useful app integrations, including with Canva, YouTube, Google Drive, Office365, Slack, and Twitter. As for enterprise-level security, the platform is SOC 2 certified and offers user permissions and controls. TelemetryTV can be used by Andriod, Linux, Windows, and ChromeOS devices. They also offer their own operating system and hardware. 

However, if you don’t want to have to deal with additional hardware, be sure to choose a platform that works on any device with a web browser, such as Juuno

Top features:

  • Drag and drop design
  • 4K video player
  • Content permissions and brand consistency
  • App integrations
  • Uptime reporting
  • Offline play


TelemetryTV costs $18 per device per month for the Starter plan, while the Plus plan will set you back $35 per device per month (with a minimum of 10 devices required) and includes embeddable playlists and SAML. 

The right digital signage tool should include the features you need, be easy to use, and come at the right price. 

If you’re looking for a tool that makes it easy to setup beautiful digital signs, check out Juuno

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