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Top 10 OptiSigns Alternatives: The Best Digital Signage Solutions for Your Business

While OptiSigns is a solid digital signage solution, it’s not a perfect fit for every business. Are you searching for OptiSigns alternatives that better fit your budget, goals, and other requirements? If so, you’re in the right place.

We’ve curated and compared the ten best OptiSigns alternatives for different scenarios so you can pick the best one for your digital display needs.

Why opt for an OptiSigns alternative?

Digital signs powered by OptiSigns display various content types, including videos, images, slides, and more. You can display such content to showcase your business offerings, promote your brand, drive sales, share updates, or motivate employees.

While OptiSigns’ user-friendly interface simplifies installation and displaying content, accessing its more advanced features requires overcoming a notable learning curve. You can avoid such a learning curve by switching to a more intuitive digital signage app.

Also, OptiSigns’ pricing is beyond most SMB budgets because of the monthly charges per screen. You have to pay at least $10 per screen monthly, which is $120 yearly if you have only one display. Businesses with multiple locations and screens may prefer a better value and cost-effective OptiSigns alternative. For example, a digital signage solution with an affordable lifetime or one-time subscription offer.

Essential features to watch for in an OptiSigns alternative

Replacing OptiSigns requires choosing a digital signage solution with the same functions and equal or better benefits. Picking such a solution from the many available OptiSigns alternatives requires finding a product with the right features. The essential features to watch for include:

  • Hardware compatibility: Do you have PC monitors, smart TVs, or other display devices? Pick a digital signage software that works with the specific hardware you have available. For example, a browser-based digital signage solution is ideal if you already have internet-enabled screens. All you have to do is access the solution via the web with your internet-connected devices to turn them into digital signs.
  • Reasonable pricing: If OptiSigns is beyond your budget, choose an alternative that offers the digital signage features you want at a lower price. For example, instead of a digital signage software with a monthly or yearly plan, go for one with a budget-friendly, one-time payment plan, such as Juuno's one-time payment of $19 per screen.
  • User-friendliness: A significant selling point of OptiSigns is its hassle-free setup process. The OptiSigns alternative you choose should be just as easy to set up. A quick installation process ensures you can launch your digital signage quickly to experience value. Besides being easy to install, the digital signage software should be easy to use. Once again, you can’t go wrong with a browser-based digital signage solution that can work with different devices regardless of their operating system. You also enjoy the advantage of being able to control multiple digital signs remotely via the internet.
  • Business compatibility: What do you want to achieve with digital signage? Your answer may be to showcase offerings, share announcements, keep customers entertained or updated, or other reasons. Choose a digital signage solution with features that match your business goals. For example, the solution should be able to display your preferred content. The top solutions support various content formats and provide widgets for streaming content, such as user reviews from social media or news and fun videos from other websites.

Best OptiSigns alternatives to consider

Now that you know what to look for in an OptiSigns alternative, let’s dive into the top products that made our list.

1. Juuno

Juuno is the ultimate OptiSigns alternative because it offers many of the same features and benefits as OptiSigns at a fraction of the price. Instead of monthly or yearly payments, you make a one-time payment that gives you access to all of Juuno’s features for life, including software updates.

Another reason Juuno leads competitors is its browser-based design that simplifies deployment and lets you manage all your screens from one app. Simply open your display device’s browser, connect to the Juuno app via the internet, and you are good to go – No need for extra hardware as long as you have an internet-enabled display, and Juuno can display a wide range of video and image content and more.

Create your own content with Canva on Juuno or use widgets to connect to social media, news outlets, and other platforms to stream content to your screens. Juuno’s accessibility and content variety make it ideal for various use cases, including showing menus in restaurants, user reviews at stores, or updates to staff or students. Lastly, you can schedule different types of content to play automatically throughout the day.


Juuno currently charges a one-time payment of $19 per screen. Alternatively, choose Juuno’s monthly enterprise plan for a custom digital signage package.

2. Screenly

Screenly is a suitable OptiSigns alternative for businesses that don’t mind extra hardware. The solution includes a device (Player) to connect to your display. The device renders your selected content to the connected screen, and you can remotely control your content via the Screenly online dashboard. While Screenly works well and supports various content, it’s costly because you have to purchase separate Screenly Players for each screen.


The most affordable Screenly Player costs $219. Besides the Player, you have to subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan. Screenly plans start at $13 per screen monthly.

3. Screenfluence

Screenfluence is a cloud-based digital signage solution that lets you connect to internet-enabled screens remotely. You can upload content to your Screenfluence dashboard and send them to connected screens. You can also schedule content to show automatically across your connected screens. Another notable Screenfluence advantage is you can gather and display content from your Instagram, Dropbox, Google accounts, and other sources.


Screenfluence offers monthly plans, and you pay for each connected screen. However, you get a discount for adding more screens. For example, you pay $30 per screen for less than nine screens but pay $20 per screen if you have over a hundred screens.

4. Omnivex

Omnivex’s versatility earns it a place on the list of top OptiSigns alternatives. The platform deploys content to an internet-enabled screen, and it’s suitable for various industries. Use it to display maps, warnings, instructions, or announcements in your facility or display content to motivate staff or engage customers. On the downside, Omnivex’s software isn’t very intuitive, and the learning curve can frustrate experiencing full value.


The Omnivex Moxie and Omnivex Ink software for digital signage requires getting a custom quote.

5. Look

The Look cloud digital signage software is an easy-to-use solution that works with various screen types. If your screen isn’t internet-enabled, you can purchase a Look Player, which will receive content to display on the connected screen. If you have a smart TV or other internet-connected screens, you only need to download the Look app on the device.

The best thing about Look is you don’t need a constant internet connection. The solution downloads your content to devices so your screens keep working during internet disruptions.


Look’s starting price is $13.50 per display and month if you choose a yearly plan.

6. ScreenCloud

If you want OptiSigns alternatives that simplify loading fresh content to your digital signs, check out ScreenCloud. The digital signage solution offers hundreds of integrations that let you connect to a multitude of sources to stream content. These sources include YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, news, weather, Google reviews, and more. Alternatively, connect to Canva to build content yourself.

Also, if you already have screens powered by FireOS, ChromeOS, Android, Windows, or MacOS, you already have all the hardware you need to use ScreenCloud.


$20 and $30 per screen monthly plans are available. Alternatively, get a custom enterprise plan tailored to your requirements.

7. ConnectedSign

Like several other OptiSigns alternatives on our list, ConnectSign is cloud-based and scalable, allowing you to manage multiple display signs remotely. Your team members can access the application to edit and contribute to your digital signage content. Editing, compiling, and scheduling said content is easy, thanks to the platform’s drag-and-drop interface.

Besides playable content, ConnectedSign has built-in touchscreen functionality. It’s ideal for allowing customers to interact with displays to place orders, seek information, and accomplish much more.


ConnectSign provides custom quotes to each client.

8. YoDeck

YoDeck’s cloud-based digital signage solution offers a drag-and-drop interface for managing the content you want to display. You also get hundreds of templates you can customize to build your digital sign content quickly and easily. Lastly, YoDeck’s cloud setup lets you access your digital signs remotely and easily scale to more screens as your business needs grow.


Choose the free package if you have only one screen. If you have multiple screens, Yodeck offers plans starting at $7.99 per screen. Clients who don’t have internet-enabled screens can also benefit from Yodeck’s ongoing offer of free players for such screens.

9. NoVisign

NoVisign offers everything your establishment needs to make the most of digital signage. That includes free support to help you make sense of things if you run into trouble with the software. With that said, you may never need the free support since NoVisign is highly intuitive, keeping building, loading, and deploying content to your screens super simple. NoVisign also works with interactive kiosks, turning them into point-of-sales terminals or information hubs.


NoviSign’s plans range from $18 to $44 per screen monthly. Custom plans are also available.

10. Zeetaminds

Zeetaminds competes with many of the top OptiSigns alternatives and delivers impressive value. The digital signage software gives you control over multiple screens, and you can program each screen to perform a different function. For example, you can have different playlists for different screens. Even more impressive is Zeetaminds Proof-of-Play Reports, which provide insights into the performance of each display.


After its 15-day free trial, Zeetaminds starts at $10 per display monthly.

Choosing the ultimate OptiSigns alternative is all about aligning with your budget, hardware, and content needs. For a user and budget-friendly digital signage tool, Juuno is the way to go. Don't miss out—explore Juuno today.

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