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7 Best Conference Room Digital Signage Tools [+ Setup Tips]

Digital signage has a lot to offer. You can deploy content on TV screens in your conference rooms to educate employees, review results in data dashboards, and keep meetings on track.

In this guide, we dive into conference room digital signage and show you the best tools for setting up secure, automated content.

You'll be able to display announcements, dashboards, employee spotlights, company mission and vision statements, meeting agendas, and so much more.

Keep reading for our favorite tools and tips, specifically for conference room usage.

What is digital signage for conference rooms?

Conference room digital signage refers to smart TVs that display data dashboards, workplace announcements, employee highlights, motivational quotes, and other content. Digital signage can be used as background content to entertain and educate employees while they wait for a meeting to begin. Or, meeting-specific content can guide meetings and keep everyone aligned on the agenda.

7 best conference room digital signage platforms

Digital signage software makes it easy to automatically display the right content in the right conference room at the right time.

Below, we dive into the most popular platforms, providing a list of features and pricing to help you decide which tool to choose.

1. Juuno

Juuno offers a simple, affordable way to set up conference room digital signage in minutes. With Juuno, you can create content playlists and weekly or daily schedules so that the conference room TV displays the correct content at all times. There's also a Canva integration so you can use Canva's templates for digital signage, slide shows, videos, and more. The lifetime deal makes this platform a no-brainer.


  • Works on any TV enabled with a web browser
  • Content playlists
  • Digital signage schedules
  • Real-time content deployment
  • Social media feed integrations
  • Canva integration (for thousands of design templates)
  • Live feeds with real-time content 
  • No hardware required


With Juuno, you can pay a lifetime deal of $99 per screen. Pay once, and you can deploy content forever. Enterprise plans with advanced security and monitoring features are available.

2. Scala

Scala is an enterprise digital signage solution that enables content on conference room screens and retail location screens like tablets and shelf-edge displays. The platform offers its own hardware, which allows you to set up offline play.


  • Templates for digital signage
  • Designer studio to create screen designs
  • Content playlists
  • Live feeds with real-time content
  • Hardware available for offline play


Scala only offers enterprise pricing, so you'll need to contact them for a custom quote.

3. SkyKit

SkyKit offers digital signage within a comprehensive solution for office management. You can display digital signage in conference, meeting, and break rooms. Plus, you can manage employee and visitor check-ins, set up office kiosks, and manage room reservations, ensuring that employees have an easy way to reserve physical spaces.


  • Digital signage
  • News and weather widgets
  • Social media feed integrations
  • Remote kiosk management
  • Employee and visitor check-ins
  • Conference room bookings and status


Pricing for digital signage ranges from $16 to $44 per screen per month, depending on the features you need. Kiosk management, check-ins, and space bookings come at additional fees (charged per location per month).

4. Spectrio

Spectrio is a good conference room solution for enterprises with retail, hospitality, spa, or restaurant locations. You can use the same platform to set up your conference room screens and manage customer-facing signage. In addition to basic digital signage features, the platform also offers kiosk management, overhead music, and scent marketing.


  • Plays slides, videos, and more
  • Content management
  • Manage multiple TV displays
  • Social media integrations
  • Interactive kiosks
  • Wifi marketing (direct marketing alongside wifi usage)
  • Overhead music
  • Scent marketing


Spectrio doesn't publish their pricing online, so get in touch with sales for acustom quote.

5. SnapComms

SnapComms offers multi-channel employee communication software. You can reach employees on their mobile devices, desktop devices, and communal digital signage with timely announcements or safety updates.


  • Digital signage content manager
  • Employee app
  • Mobile notifications
  • Desktop notifications
  • Employee segmenting and targeting
  • Pre-schedule content
  • Reporting
  • Employee quizzes and surveys


The Inform plan costs $9 per employee per year, and the Engage plan costs $14 per employee per year, while offering additional features like quizzes and surveys.

6. ScreenCloud

ScreenCloud offers a variety of enterprise features for a reasonable cost. There are advanced integrations for dashboards and team communications. You can also get proof-of-play logs and user audit logs to ensure playback and check user activity.


  • Social media integrations
  • Weather widget
  • Business analytics dashboards
  • Broadcast videos to your screens
  • Media hardware for offline play
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • Dashboard integrations, including Tableau and Salesforce


You'll pay $20 per screen per month for the Core plan, $30 per screen per month for the Pro plan (and unlock custom fonts, emergency alerts, and user audit logs), or $40 per month for the Enterprise plan (which offers remote device management and single sign-on).

7. Userful

Userful is a corporate digital signage solution offering features designed for meeting rooms, factories and operational centers, and corporate offices. You can set up data dashboards for meetings, deploy real-time messages, and customize content for each room.


  • Operational signage
  • Real-time content displays
  • User roles and permissions
  • Automatic failover
  • Mission-critical content deployment


Userful doesn't publish their pricing online, so get in touch with them for a custom quote.

Benefits of using digital signage in conference rooms

There are a ton of benefits to using digital signage in a corporate setting.

Here are the top reasons to add to digital signs to your conference rooms:

  • Distribute timely announcements: You can quickly display important announcements, updates, and news, ensuring that all meeting attendees are informed promptly.
  • Reinforce important procedures: Displaying visual reminders and guidelines to remind employees of essential procedures and protocols. This promotes a safer and more efficient work environment.
  • Keep everyone on the same page during meetings: Use digital screens to display meeting agendas, objectives, data dashboards, and relevant documents in real time, helping participants stay focused and ensuring everyone is aligned with the meeting's purpose.
  • Increase participation in employee programs: Showcase employee programs, events, and initiatives to encourage greater engagement and participation among staff. This type of content fosters greater involvement and a strong sense of involvement and community within the organization.
  • Spread knowledge of key goals and missions: Digital signs are great for communicating the company's mission, vision, strategic goals, KPI progress, and more. This reinforces key messages among employees and helps align efforts with company objectives.
  • Improve company culture: Display employee recognition, achievements, and other culture-building content. In this way, digital signage contributes to a more positive company culture. Done right, digital screens can even boost employee morale and satisfaction.

5 digital signage tips for offices

To maximize your conference room signage, try these smart tips.

1. Use content schedules to change screen content automatically

Implement content schedules to pre-plan and automate the rotation of messages and information on your digital screens.

This way, your content is always fresh, relevant, and timely without requiring constant manual updates.

Check out our guide to digital signage schedules for tutorials and ideas on creating daily, weekly, and holiday schedules.

Keep in mind that you can always override a schedule to deploy real-time content like meeting agendas, dashboards, or important announcements.

2. Tie digital signage creation to company goals

To be effective, digital screens should have a purpose. Otherwise, they'll just be another distraction.

Align your digital signage strategy with your company's overarching objectives—whether educating on new customer offers, sharing goal progress, or distributing safety announcements.

Talk with stakeholders about the best goals for your digital signage, and source content ideas from them as well.

3. Use digital signage templates to create on-brand content

To save time on content creation, utilize digital signage templates. The platform you choose should offer built-in templates or an integration with a graphic design platform. This way, you can easily set up any type of slide show or presentation without having to get help from your brand or design department.

4. Try widgets and integrations for multimedia content

You don't have to create all of your digital signage content yourself.

You can utilize weather widgets, news widgets, dashboard integrations, and social media integrations to pull in existing content and feeds. These items can be displayed in place of informative slideshows or side-by-side with your other corporate content.

5. Request bulk pricing for use in multiple conference rooms

If you plan to deploy digital signage in multiple conference rooms or across various office locations, consider negotiating bulk pricing with your vendor or service provider. This can help you reduce costs and ensure a more cost-effective rollout of digital signage throughout your organization. It never hurts to ask, so inquire about bulk pricing, even if you don't see it listed on the software's pricing page.

Looking for an affordable, fully-featured digital signage app? Check out Juuno.

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