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25 Great Examples of Content for Digital Signage

80% of brands with digital signage have experienced up to 33% increase in sales. Figures like this prove that digital signage can be an effective tool for boosting customer conversion and sales. Besides engaging customers and prospects, digital signage is also excellent for communicating with employees.

But digital signage will only deliver the results you want if you display the right content.

Do you need help coming up with impactful ideas? Here are 25 examples of content you can display with digital signage to increase customer engagement and improve communication within your organization.

1. Workplace announcements or celebrations

Keep morale up and employees informed by using digital signage for internal communications. For instance, you could boost employee morale by sharing updates about the latest breakthroughs and wins accomplished by the company or specific departments.

You can also help employees feel like they are part of the team by updating them about upcoming company-related events. Lastly, make employees feel appreciated by celebrating their birthdays, promotions, and other accomplishments with your digital signs.

2. Sales and promotions

If you have an upcoming sales event, get customers excited and generate foot traffic for the sales day. You can generate awareness for the sales event by advertising it with your digital signage long before the sales occur. You can also use your digital signage to announce daily limited-time offers, luring customers to return to your business in search of deals.

3. Industry news

Why should your employees and customers get news about your industry from other sources? Keep everyone that enters your establishment engaged and informed by using your digital signage to share the latest industry trends and happenings that affect your company. Sharing such news will increase transparency, and 94% of consumers say they are more likely to remain loyal to a transparent brand.

4. Product updates

Do you have a new product, or have you improved existing products by adding new features? Let your customers know by sharing product updates with your digital signage. You can share such content on digital signage within and outside your business premises to get customers excited about your new product and boost sales.

5. Product hacks

Use your digital signage to share DIY tips about how customers can combine some of your products to achieve better results. Sharing such tips can lead to cross-selling, convincing customers to buy more of your products to try the tips you’ve shared. For instance, butcher shops can share cooking tips that use various in-stock ingredients.

6. Building directories

Customers and visitors shouldn’t need a tour guide every time they visit your business premises. Ensure customers can easily find their way around your building by displaying maps and virtual tours on your digital signage. Unlike a printed map, you can easily update the information on your digital signage if the location of an office changes.

7. Ads

Let your digital signage pay for itself. You can generate revenue with your digital signage by selling ad slots to other brands that want to promote their business within your premises. The more digital signage screens you have within your business, the more ad slots you can sell and the more income you can generate.

8. Rewards programs

Businesses use reward and loyalty programs to attract and retain customers. Customers will only partake in such programs if they know they exist. If you run a brick-and-mortar business, ensure customers know about your reward program by splashing the news, reward, and process to join the program all over your digital signage.

9. Before-and-after pictures

Are you a hairstylist, home renovator, cosmetic surgeon, dentist, or a similar expert who remodels or improves things? If so, inspire confidence in prospects by displaying before and after photographs or videos of completed jobs. Such content will drive prospective customers to seek the same results displayed in your before and after images.

10. CSR contributions

77% of consumers prefer patronizing businesses committed to making the world a better place. Show existing and prospective customers that your brand isn’t just about sales by displaying your corporate social responsibility (CSR) actions.

11. Training Videos

Employee training should be a continuous process. Otherwise, team members may forget aspects of their training days after completing a training program. A cost-effective and potent strategy for keeping employee training fresh in the mind of team members is showing training videos on digital signage screens daily.

You could also use digital signage screens to share new training materials across your organization. Using digital signage to broadcast new training will ensure that everyone sees it without the hassle of organizing and scheduling training sessions.

12. User-generated content and testimonials

User-generated content (UGC) is content created by consumers about your brand or product. The content could be a review shared on a website or an unboxing video or image showcasing your product on social media.

You can collect such content from multiple sources and display them on digital signage screens to promote your brand or product. According to studies, UGC is 42% more effective and 6.9x more engaging than brand-created content.

13. Office jokes

Lighten the mood within your workplace and keep employees upbeat by sharing humorous images, memes, or quips on your digital signage screens. Displaying this type of content can give everyone something to laugh about. Bonus points for industry-specific jokes. However, carefully curate jokes to avoid displaying anything offensive that could lead to lawsuits or getting canceled.

14. Social media

If your brand’s social media is active and full of wonderful content, display your social media pages within your business premises via digital signage screens. The display will engage visitors, and showcasing your successful online reputation can help build your offline credibility. Also, displaying positive interactions between social media users and your pages can motivate team members to stay the course.

15. Video entertainment

With digital signage, you can reduce perceived wait times by over 35% and improve queue management. If you typically have customer queues within your business premises, distract and entertain customers by playing a movie, popular TV show, or music videos on your digital signs. The distraction will help customers forget their discomfort and make waiting for service less tiresome.

16. Company plans and goals

Carry employees along by sharing updates to company plans and goals. Also, share and celebrate accomplishments with employees when your company scales a new milestone. Besides carrying employees along, sharing such information via digital screens will promote transparency within the organization and make employees feel like included team members.

17. Meeting room signs

Avoid missed or interrupted meetings by using digital signs to announce meeting schedules, locations, and attendees.  

18. Employee profiles

Show customers the human side of your organization by introducing them to your employees. You can get such results by creating a slideshow featuring pictures and brief bios of each employee. You can display the slideshow on digital signs installed in your waiting areas and other high-traffic areas.

19. Digital product catalogs

Retail businesses or service providers can create a digital catalog of products and display them on digital signs. Think of it as running ads for your products within your business premises. If the displayed content is attractive enough, it can convince customers already within your store to purchase the displayed products.

20. Welcome signs

Make new and existing customers feel welcome once they step into your establishment. Instead of hiring a greeter, turn your TV monitors or other displays into digital signs broadcasting a warm, welcoming message.

21. Digital menus

If you run a restaurant or bar, digitize your menu and display mouthwatering images or videos on your digital signs. Eye-catching digital menus will show customers what you have available so they can place orders with fewer questions. You can also elevate your digital menu by displaying nutritional facts, ingredient lists, and recipe information alongside each menu item.

22. Inspirational quotes

Keep morale up within the workplace by sharing inspirational or uplifting quotes that match your company goals and culture. The quotes could be from your company leaders or individuals outside your industry.

23. Competitions

Use digital signage screens to announce competitions employees or customers can join to win prizes. Such competitions are excellent for increasing customer engagement to boost foot traffic and conversions or increasing employee engagement to boost productivity and morale. The competition could be as simple as a raffle draw or a limited-time quiz.

24. Emergency notices

If there’s an approaching natural disaster or a dangerous incident within the workplace, use your digital signage to alert everyone within your premises. You can also use digital signs to guide people in your building toward taking the best course of action to stay safe, be it barricading doors and hiding or exiting the building in an orderly manner.

25. Upcoming holidays

Almost everyone looks forward to holidays, and you can help your employees get excited and plan how to spend the upcoming holidays. You only need to announce upcoming public holidays with your digital signage screens. You can list the holidays for each month you enter and add a countdown clock to stir up excitement.

Start making the most of digital signage

Several digital signage content options are available. However, the type of content you can display will depend on your digital signage system. For instance, some digital signage programs support only a few media formats. If you want a versatile digital signage system that can display content from various sources, you cannot go wrong with Juuno.

With Juuno, you can display social media pages, website pages, images, videos, Canva designs, live feeds, and more. Also, the software is user-friendly and easily scalable.

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