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The Easy Guide to Office TV Display Software [15 Ideas & Tools]

Looking to run content continuously on your TV office? You can do this easily with office TV display software.

Maybe you want to showcase office news, updates, and events. Or, maybe you want to showcase your employee of the month and their favorite industry-related joke. Whatever your motivation, we've got the guidance you need.

In this guide, we delve into great content ideas for offices of all types. Plus, we offer the best software platforms for setting up your office TV display.

What is office TV display software?

Office TV display software is essentially a digital signage solution that allows you to display content on a smart TV. You can mount the smart TV in your office's waiting room, lunch room, or break room to display content for your audience, whether that's customers, clients, employees, or students.

Office TV display software is commonly used to showcase important announcements, but you can also display content widgets with weather, time, event calendars, RSS feeds, social media feeds, and more.

What do you need to set up an office TV display?

Each software platform has its own requirements, but we recommend choosing a browser-based digital signage tool so you don't need complicated hardware. With a browser-based option, all you need is the subscription to the software and a smart TV that has a web browser such as Chrome, the Samsung Smart TV Browser, Amazon Silk, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

10 ideas for your office TV displays

To keep your office TV fresh and interesting, you should combine different types of content. You could arrange your display to showcase 2 to 4 content types in different widgets at one time, or you could cycle through different content ideas.

Try these unique ideas to keep your team informed and cultivate a positive company culture:

1. Customer testimonials

You can display customer testimonials to show your employees what really matters. Let them see the impact of their work on customers' lives. You can pull great testimonials from social media or a review widget, or simply add the text to a slide.

2. Company social media content

By integrating your company's favorite social media account, you'll keep your office informed about what's going on. They'll see current promotions, product releases, customer interactions, user-generated content, announcements, and whatever else you love to share online.

3. Featured employees

You can feature an employee of the week or month on your office's TV display. This is a great way to give gratitude to your team and help office colleagues learn more about one another. In the featured profile, combine work and personal elements. For instance, you might share the featured employee's top work achievements and skills alongside their favorite hobbies and vacation spots. Try these employee recognition ideas for more inspiration.

4. Safety announcements

TV office display software is also great for sharing important safety announcements. You might remind employees to wash their hands, wear a mask when they're sick, or use caution when operating certain equipment. You could also use your TV to teach employees what to do in the event of a natural disaster.

5. Share upcoming dinners, events, or retreats

You can also use your office TV to showcase upcoming culture-building events. Maybe you're hosting a dinner celebration that spouses and families are invited to attend. Or maybe you're booking a big company retreat in a tropical location. Whatever the case, use your digital TV to increase awareness, sign-ups, and participation.

6. Workplace policies and procedures

Every workplace has important policies and procedures that must be followed. You can use your office TV to showcase your own. You might present office-opening or office-closing checklists, customer service best practices, or other common procedures.

7. Company metrics and KPIs

TV office screens are great for sharing KPIs. Motivate your staff and keep them on track towards company goals. You can integrate your digital signage solution with your business analytics platform, or design a Canva slideshow that highlights the key metrics you want to share.

Make sure to clarify the names and meanings behind the metrics, as you'll likely have employees from different departments and teams walking through the office space.

8. Preparations for large promotions or busy seasons

Is your crazy season approaching? Think an ecommerce marketing office preparing for Black Friday. Or a tax accounting firm getting everyone ready for tax season. Or school secretaries during back to school. If you have a busy season in your business or organization, use your digital screen to spread awareness on any company updates, procedures, and best practices. And of course, keep the words of encouragement flowing!

9. CSR contributions

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to corporations' efforts to do minimal harm to the environment and the communities they operate in. You can use your digital screen to share your company's CSR goals, initiatives, and achievements. This helps improve company culture and employee retention rates.

10. Big-picture company goals and missions

Why does your company matter? What's your big "why?" or reason for existing? Share these details with your employees. For example, you might use your office TV to share a mission statement like, "Our mission is to improve the well being of every child in Sunny County" or you might share a big company goal like, "We want to help 1 million women feel more confident in their skin." Choose something simple and catchy that will remind employees why they do what they do.

Find even more digital signage content ideas here.

5 top office TV display software

These digital signage solutions all work great for setting up TV office displays.

1. Juuno

Juuno is an easy-to-use digital signage platform for corporate offices, medical offices, schools, and other organizations. It uses a playlist-style format so you can schedule different content categories. For instance, you might showcase your employee of the month every Monday and your company mission and CSR commitments every Tuesday. There are a variety of existing widgets and integrations to make it easy to pull content from RSS and social media. And with the Canva integration, you can easily import beautiful slide designs. (Canva has a ton of digital signage templates to make it quick and easy to match your company branding.)

Best of all, Juuno works with any smart TV that has a web browser—no hardware required.

Pricing: Juuno costs just $20 per screen per month, making it an affordable solution for companies of all sizes.

2. Scala

With Scala's digital signage platform, you can display content in your office, or on digital billboards. The company offers enterprise-grade security and audit logs, but it's likely too complex for most needs. Keep in mind that you'll need to purchase Scala's special hardware for single-zone or multi-zone content delivery in addition to their software subscription.

Pricing: Scala is an enterprise-only solution, so you'll need to get in touch for a custom corporate quote.

3. SkyKit

SkyKit offers digital signage inside of a platform with other features for office management. You get KPI dashboards, social media feeds, and standard slide shows for your digital signage. Plus, you can manage study room or conference room bookings and guest check in. This makes the platform a good fit for large corporations needing to manage multiple facets of office communication.

Pricing: SkyKit requires you to contact their sales team to get a custom price.

4. truDigital

truDigital offers digital signage software for offices alongside graphic design services to help you create attractive content displays. The platform offers a variety of templates and widgets, but you will need to purchase their media player hardware.

Pricing: You'll need to reach out to their sales department to inquire about price based on your unique needs.

5. ScreenCloud

With ScreenCloud, you get a simple digital signage solution that works for office workplace screens or customer-facing screens. There are a variety of templates and integrations to make it easy to create and source content.

Pricing: The Pro plan costs $30 per screen per month. You can also get in touch with them for custom pricing for an enterprise plan.

Tips for setting up your office TV display

Try these

  • Use content playlists - Make sure the platform you choose makes it easy to schedule different content categories at different times. This will keep your content from going stale.
  • Keep audio to a minimum - In an office environment, people are either working quietly or chit-chatting and getting to know each other in the break room. Either way, you don't want to bombard them with noisy audio and video content. So use audio sparingly or not at all.
  • Update content regularly - Make sure to add something new to your digital screen every week. Otherwise, people will ignore it. You can automate this by integrating an RSS feed or your social media account. Or, do so manually by adding a new notice, quote, or featured employee.
  • Manage all TVs centrally - You want to be able to manage your TV content from one central location. To do this, you need digital signage software. The platform should allow you to make edits to your content and deploy them remotely. You should be able to create unique content for each screen, or send the same content to all screens (per your preference).

Setting up digital screen content for your office TV is easy. Use the above ideas and tips to make it a success.

Sign up for Juuno and set up your office TV content in minutes.

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