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5 Best Tools for Whitelabel Digital Signage

Traditional signage, such as printed billboards and paper menu displays, can help keep customers informed and your business premises attractively decorated.

But static signage can be tedious and expensive to update and maintain. A far more cost-effective and hassle-free solution that delivers a better return on investment is whitelabel digital signage.

What is whitelabel digital signage?

Whitelabel digital signage is an electronic display that you can customize to show only your custom-branded content. Think of it as a TV screen hung in various parts of your business to inform and entertain customers. Ensuring that only your brand name appears on displayed content will prevent distractions and keep your brand at the forefront of the minds of everyone who sees the content.

In a restaurant, café, or bar, you can use whitelabel digital signage to announce new menu items or promotional offers.100% of higher education institutions that use digital signage install it to share school-related news and announcements.

In a healthcare facility, you can use whitelabel digital signage to display services, call-back appointment schedules, and emergency notifications without branding distractions. Companies can also install whitelabel digital signage to share company announcements or celebrate their best-performing employees.

Whitelabel digital signage isn’t just for indoor use. You can put a digital sign outside your business to capture the attention of passing prospective customers anddrive foot traffic into your establishment.

Why is whitelabel digital signage important?

The short answer: only your branding is prominent (not the branding of the signage software).

Having other brand names displayed on a sign alongside your custom-branded content can confuse or distract viewers and reduce the effectiveness of your displayed content.

Whitelabel digital signage eliminates such issues by allowing you to put only your brand name, logo, and content on display. The solution is essential for promoting your business and engaging customers within your premises. In fact, 80% of brands with digital signage have experienced a sales increase of over 30%.

Since whitelabel digital signage will not display any other branding but yours, your branded content will take center stage. Your brand name and message will stay top-of-mind of viewers, and the more focused viewers are on your branded content, the more likely they are to convert.

What should you look for in whitelabel digital signage?

Whitelabel digital signage providers are not equal. If you want the bestdigital signage for promoting your business and engaging customers, look out for these features:


The best digital signage products are easy to install, launch, and use. User-friendliness is crucial because you won’t have to spend time and money learning how to work the signage or hiring experts to remove or edit displayed content.

Multi-format messaging

Some digital signs can display only specific content. Before selecting a signage system, verify that it can display the content type that best resonates with your target audience. However, since business needs always change, get the best value by choosing a digital signage that can support any media type. For instance, Juuno can support images, videos, Canva designs, and live feeds with real-time content.

Social media integration

Creating fresh content for digital signage can be tedious. However, if your digital signage software supports social media integration, you can access a never-ending flow of content from your favorite social platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Digital signage costs vary between products, and most digital signage platforms typically charge a monthly subscription fee. Choose a digital signage software that fits your budget and offers the features you need to achieve your business goals.

Hardware Compatibility

Some digital signage systems require specific hardware to work. Instead of investing in new hardware, choose a digital signage software that can work with the monitors you already have in place. For instance, if you don't want to wrangle complicated hardware, then choose a signage solution that only requires a smart TV, such as Juuno.

Top whitelabel digital signage software

Are you looking for a top-rated whitelabel digital signage system for your organization? Here are your best options:

1. Juuno

Juuno is a user-friendly whitelabel digital signage software that simplifies displaying highly engaging content within your business premises. You can also use the software to display content at events, such as conferences and exhibitions.

The paid version of the software is the ideal whitelabel digital signage because it does not show any third-party advertising or Juuno branding on the screen. You can use the signage software to display everything from pre-recorded videos and images to texts and content from social media feeds. You can also set up the software to play content according to your preferred daily schedule.

The affordability and user-friendliness of Juuno make it suitable for organizations of all sizes. Lastly, you can use the software with any web-enabled screen, such as a smart TV, tablet, or PC. Soon, you will also be able to use the software with Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Top features:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Social media wall
  • Freemium option
  • Smart TV and monitor compatible
  • Content scheduling options
  • Live feeds with real-time content
  • Social media integrations


You can use the freemium version of Juuno or opt for the $20 monthly plan.

2. DigitalMenu.TV

DigitalMenu.TV is an excellent whitelabel digital signage solution if you are in the food, drink, or hospitality industry. With the service, you can electronically display your menu on compatible LCD screens or LED menu boards. The colorful display will improve the aesthetics within your business establishment and ensure customers can study your menu without asking staff for help.

However, using DigitalMenu.TV requires an internet connection. The cloud-based solution requires an internet-connected screen to open a web browser to launch, update, or manage your display. Since it’s cloud-based, you can change your menu quickly and remotely.

You can also personalize the display to match your brand or preferred aesthetics. Lastly, since the digital signage solution is user-friendly, you don’t need to be a tech guru to install or make the most of the digital signage system.

Top features:

  • Cloud-based system
  • Automated scheduling
  • Remote control over multiple displays
  • Customizable display
  • 24/7 customer support


DigitalMenu.TV does not have a price list online. You have to contact their customer support to get a custom quote.

3. SkyKit

SkyKit offers a suite of solutions for managing your outdoor and indoor digital signage. The tool is suitable for small and large businesses in various niches, including advertising, logistics, manufacturing, education, and more.

With the cloud-based solution, you can electronically display the content of your choice on Android-based devices, kiosks, and other web-enabled digital screens. Also, since the system is cloud-based, you can change your displayed content remotely.

SkyKit’s intuitive interface ensures that you can easily control your digital signage even if you are not tech-savvy. Also, scaling the solution to match the changing needs of your growing business is hassle-free. You can connect as many screens as you want to display content like:

  • Social media feeds
  • Weather feeds
  • News
  • Images and videos
  • PDFs
  • Google and PowerPoint slides
  • Interactive web or touch content

Top features:

  • Cloud-based solution
  • Playlist style for content
  • Compatible with interactive web or touch content
  • Google and Microsoft 365 SSO Login
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Automated Scheduling


SkyKit charges monthly and per display, and prices vary between plans. You need to contact its customer support for a custom quote, but prices typically start at around $30 per month.

4. TelemetryTV

TelemetryTV is another cloud-based whitelabel digital signage software that allows you to turn your TVs and monitors into powerful tools for engaging prospective and existing customers. The award-winning software helps teams create brand-compliant content and beautifully display it to catch the eye of the target audience.

Installing and using the software has five simple steps. The steps include connecting your computer to the software and pairing your display devices. The other steps are using its turnkey apps and integrations to create visual content and scheduling your playlist.

You can connect and remotely manage thousands of devices with TelemetryTV. Also, its turnkey apps allow you to stream content from YouTube or TV shows to entertain your audience. In between shows, you can play commercials to promote your brand and offerings.

Top features:

  • Show live feeds
  • Flexible multi-screen management
  • 70+ turnkey apps
  • Video file storage
  • Live chat and email support
  • Customizable content templates
  • Remote management
  • Content scheduling


Depending on your budget, you can pay $18, $28, or $35 per month or device to use TelemetryTV.

5. Userful

Userful is slightly different from the other whitelabel digital signage solutions that made our list. Unlike the other solutions, which are purely cloud-based, Userful offers the option to control your digital signage from an off-the-shelf server.

Using the system requires installing the Userful software on the off-the-shelf server. You can then use the server to decode, encode, and transmit real-time videos, browsers, cloud dashboards, and more. If you want to avoid the cost of the off-the-shelf server, Userful also offers a cloud-based connection for smart displays.

Lastly, unlike other digital signage solutions that require an internet-connected display, Userful can work with regular TVs. You only need to install a Userful adaptor at the back of your LED or LCD screens to turn them into digital signage displays. If you have a smart display, installing the Userful app is all you need to turn the screen into a digital sign.

Top features:

  • Intuitive multi-screen management
  • Real-time monitoring and diagnostics
  • Real-time content changing
  • Scalable solution
  • Uptime monitoring tools 
  • Browser-based interface
  • Pre-scheduled content


Userful does not have a price plan on its website. You need to contact its customer support to get a custom quote.

Which whitelabel digital signage solution will you choose?

As you can see, several impressive digital signage products are available. However, if you want an affordable, versatile, user-friendly, and easily scalable solution, you cannot go wrong with Juuno. Sign up today to try Juuno for free and experience the whitelabel digital signage solution’s many industry-leading qualities.

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