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Add images, videos, Canva designs, local news, Tweets, Instagram hashtags and many more.

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  • Who's behind Juuno?

    Juuno is brought to you by the creators of, a brandable social media aggregator for websites and live events.

  • Can I make a social media wall with Juuno?

    Yes you can! You will be able to add all sorts of different social networks. We will be starting with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but will be adding more networks as we go on.

  • How much will Juuno cost?

    We have not decided yet, but it will most likely be USD$20/screen/month. Active Beta users will get a life time discounted rate in exchange for feeding back on how we can make Juuno a better product. There will also be educational and charity discounts.

  • Will the free version have advertising?

    The free version won’t have any third party advertising but might eventually have interstitial “Powered by” banner somewhere on the screen.

  • What hardware will I need?

    For the moment you will only need a web enabled screen that has access to a modern browser. In the future we will be building apps for Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

  • Who is Juuno for?

    Juuno is for any business that cares about clear communication with customers and staff. If you have a lonely TV in your office that sits there doing nothing, then give it new life with a free Juuno account.

    Currently we are working with Universities, Cafes, Marketing teams and more.

  • I have some more questions…

    Great! The simplest thing to do right now is email us at and we’ll be happy to help out.